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Bowmanville Denture Clinic Repairs Dentures in Durham Region

When your dentures are showing signs of wear, such as chips to the acrylic, scratches, missing teeth, or warping, our denturist at Bowmanville Denture Clinic can repair them while you wait. If you’ve had your dentures for a few years or if the denturist determines that the damage is irreparable, they will inform you of your options and the cost associated with replacing your dentures. Sometimes the foods we eat may stain the dentures over time giving your smile a yellow tinge, we can whiten the teeth in your denturesto renew the lustre they once had. When getting partial dentures, sometimes the dentures are whiter than your natural teeth – take advantage of our whitening treatment to get the two to match. Relining your dentures every 2 years is recommended as it will help your dentures fit more securely against your gums.

Get your dentures relined while you wait at Bowmanville Denture Clinic.

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